New Faction: Maidens of Valkyria

Published on 11 November 2022 at 21:43

Good evening!

Just finished uploading these gorgeous lady's to the shop.

Some words from the Clay Cyanide crew for a little depth into the Valkyries lore:


What are Valkyries?

In Norse mythology, Valkyries were supernatural maidens who rode to battle on horses and helped their chosen warriors die in glorious combat.

While they are often depicted as beautiful women in armor, they can also take the form of ethereal beings. Some legends say that they have the ability to cause death by gazing at someone's eyes or riding a horse over them. In some accounts, the Valkyries are said to live in a clearing in the sky where Odin sits on his throne, surrounded by flames.

The Valkyries are described as fair-haired and beautiful, though some accounts say that they have dark hair. They wear armor made from gold and silk dresses embroidered with gold thread.


The Valkyries live for hundreds of years, so it's possible that there are many different types of Valkyries—some may be human; others may have supernatural powers over life and death; some may have no features at all beyond their clothes and weapons.

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