Back Story:

The power struggle between swords and science is getting out of hand at the dawn of the new era. The hungry rats below the sewers have formed a new government supported and governed by the rat thieves guild. This district was called Baseco District. To control the uprising of this new government, the imperial army sent its noble knights of small young mice, The Mini-mice. These young mice acted as a catalyst to impose law and order within the district. Little that these young mice know that the problem within the community was more extensive than they thought it would be. The district is now experimenting with their new technology using prisoners to make super soldiers like the Hagibis Brutes. But one of them has gotten worse. Babalu, the scientist who discovered the Exo-fluids. These fluids are extracted from baby mice thru torture and severe trauma. Exo-fluids could also make them bigger and 100 times more robust at the expense of their sanity.