Terms and Conditions of Delivery


- The models will be delivered, unprimed and unassembled. We advise the use of superglue for joining the parts together.

- Although we handle the products with the greatest care, they might need some clean up before they are ready to be painted.

- Since the models are printed, there are supports needed for the printing process. We will remove (most) of the supports before curing the models, however there might still be some slight/small supports present when the model is being shipped which will need removing.

- All models will be printed with a layer heigth of 0,04 mm with standard grey resin, washed in IPA and thoroughly cured before shipping.

- Printing in other resins (for example translucent resins or extra tough) is possible on demand against adjusted costs. If you so wish, please contact us to inform about the possibilities and costs involved.


Licenses & Copyrights:

- We have obtained merchant licenses from our partners of all physical miniatures we offer for sale or we have developed the files by ourselves.

- It is forbidden to copy, scan or replicate any miniature or part thereoff without consent of the creator involved. Please respect the creations and the intellectual properties of the creators involved.

- A full list of our partners with links to their media can be found on this page.



- As the miniatures will be printed on request, we will not accept any returns. However, if you deem the product incomplete or incorrect, please don't hesitate to contact us through the contact-form on the contact page  and we will get back to you as soon as possible to see if we can work things out, (our goal is to leave happy customers everywhere!).


Delivery Times:

- As the miniatures will be produced on request, the fabrication process can take several  (3-5) days to process your order. 

- Depending on how busy it is, it might take a little while before we are able to ship your order. We aim to fulfill your order as soon as possible however you should expect between 7-14 days for regular orders before shipping.

- If we won't be able to ship your order within 14 days, we will notify you personally through e-mail and we will offer you the option for cancelling the order with a full refund.



- Since the models are made out of resin, some small thin parts can be quite brittle. We will package the models with the greatest care, however during shipping (depending of how rough a package is being handled) some parts might break. If broken, parts can be easily glued together with superglue.

- In the case a package is so severely damaged and broken that repairing with superglue isn't feasible, please contact us so we can take corrective measures with the shipping company involved.