About me:

Hi there!

Some 26 years ago i stumbled upon the hobby of miniature wargaming and it grabbed me instantly. Loving the sights and tactics of massed combat combined with fielding whole armies of fantasy miniatures I dove headfirst into the hobby. A couple years later some friends of mine introduced me into Dungeons and Dragons as well which got me hooked ever since the first time i played.

Ever since I've been collecting and painting miniatures with a big passion (although friends of mine are correct that the collecting side goes waaay faster than my painting!).

Around 8-10 years ago I also was introduced to 3D-printing by a friend of mine. Imagining the possibilities that this potentially could offer (producing and printing your own minis at will!) I made a promise to myself if these techniques should ever be more precise and more easily accessible for the public to venture into this creating aspect of the hobby....and well, since you're here, you're witnessing the result.

With painting miniatures being a big part of the hobby for me I find it really awesome to have such a large collection of miniatures just being a single "click" away.

Through this site I hope to be able to share this experience with you as well!  


Yours sincerely,



About the creators:

Clay Cyanide

Welcome to Clay Cyanide Miniatures.

We create high-quality STL files for Miniatures and Tabletop games or simply for painters and hobbyists. Each month, the models that we produce are similar to Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, and Pathfinder. These models are perfect for your PVE campaign or PVP wargaming campaign. Join our tribe and receive each month's various STL models, ready for 3d printing and masterfully supported by none other than Atlas 3d Support team. With your other Tribe members, you could also suggest topics and themes sculpt for the following months.

Printomancer 3D

Printomancer is a sculpter of high detailled miniatures. The sculpts just look really lifelike. Besides the fantasy figurines and busts he also got some of the best animal dog sculpts i've seen so far.

Feel free to take a look at his MyMiniFactory account here.

Mythreal Games

Mythreal Games is a fairly new face in the creators town. Having launched a very succesfull kickstarter of stunning quality just recently, this will be a creator which will be worth watching his progress closely as his next project looks very promising as well!