Here at Immortalizing Miniprints we offer an interesting selection of resin printed miniatures for painting, hobbying & gaming.  

Whether you like miniatures for Display purposes, Wargames or RPG's....We got them all!

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Our Kickstartercampaign has concluded & We would like to thank all Backers for their amazing support!

Very soon all the files will be finished & uploading on our MyMiniFactory account throughout they will be shared to the backers!

Missed out? No worries! If you follow the link underneath you'll always be able to purchase the files!

New Arrivals in Shop:

Dungeon Radio Hour  -Podcast-

Also wanting something fun to listen to whilst hobbying? Then check out the podcast from our  friends and partners of "Dungeon Radio Hour"

- Make chance at periodical freebies & recieve a discount on our products

- Most of all....even more enjoyment whilst hobbying!

check out their instagram link here: