Welcome at the "painted" page of our website!

Here we proudly show you an archive of our works and a selection of already painted models for sale.

(Coming time we'll do our best to fill both pages out & cram them full of awesomely painted mini's!)

Looking for a chat while painting?

Looking for a chat while painting?

I can really recommend joining a Discordserver I'm part of called "Table Top Archive".

Here painters from all over the world share their works and are on regular basis online chatting and painting a like.

Also, if you might have any questions about painting everyone is readily willing to give you the best advice possible!

If interested, send me a personal message & I'll drop an invite!


Painting Tutorials

Take a look at this website:


The last 3 tutorials are always available. In total they currently got 107 tutorials online all made by award-winning painters. If you join their patreon (only a small monthly contribution) you"ll gain acces to all of these step by step tutorials covering every subject you can imagine.

Looking for advanced painting classes?

Then I can really recommend the Art lessons from Craftworld Studios. In their classes, tutorials and video's they go into depth in all different area's of miniature painting for example:

- Non-metallic metal (NMM)

- Object Source Lighting (OSL)

- "Underpainting" (how to work with tonal values and how to incorporate these into your mini's)

- Painting of different materials (wood, stone, bases...U name it!)

Plus, they are really helpfull & friendly people :) 

Check out their Patreon at:

Craftworld Studio - Patreon


Painting Commisions

Although I also do paint commisions, I got to be very selective about which assignments I take on because I'm also 3D sculpting and selling 3D printed miniatures through my webshop (and one has only so much time he can spend!)


If you'd like to commision me for works feel free to send me a direct message through any of the socials or by filling out the contactform

For assembling and painting commisions I can also recommend contacting "Debbie Maasdam", she's a very talented painter from our area.

She assembled the Mario statue (which is a 60+ multipart set) and did a great job on painting it!

Check out the link to her page below if you're interested!

Debbie Maasdam

Special FX Makeup | Painting miniatures & Props