Webshop Launched!

Published on 19 June 2022 at 13:25

Very first off all, a big welcome! Starting today this hobby webshop will be open for business!

It has been a long time dream, to be more active and productive with my miniature collecting, gaming and painting hobby and I am very gratefull for the opportunity to be able to take this to the next level.

In the following weeks i'll be adding and testprinting more models on a daily basis, so stay sharp ;)

The long term future goals will be, besides the shipping of high quality miniatures and scenery to you guys & girls, to also develop and digitally sculpt my own miniatures and offer these files for sale as well (for you to print by yourself if you so wish) as the physical printed miniatures themselves.


If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up at the contact details, send me an e-mail or add & dm me on discord.

For now I'd like to thank you very much in advance for reading, visiting & I wish you a great shopping experience!


Yours sincerely,


~Drann Edhel-Dae~



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