Merchant of Clay Cyanide Miniatures

Published on 11 July 2022 at 13:10

Hey there! We got some big news to share!

Since start of July we're also an "Licensed Merchant" from Clay Cyanide Miniatures.

We're needless to say pretty psyched about this!

The range from Clay Cyanide covers many different Pantheons and they support a huge range of fantasy miniatures..

Take for example "the Hyborian Age" from the Conan Classics or obscure Pantheons such as "the Aztecs" or (coming up along this month) "the Maori Pantheon"

Here at Immortalizing Miniprints we have acquired a pretty decent library from their miniatures already, but if you see any of their models, not yet on our lists send a message to me & we'll add it to our library.


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